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Holistic Beauty, Health and Healing

A truly holistic approach to health and beauty involves assessing every aspect of the person; the mind, body and emotions. So, when you come to me for a treatment, whatever it might be, I will work to renew your balance and restore your wellbeing by looking at each of these aspects and their interdependencies with one another, evaluating their relationship at every level to ensure that I find the right balance for you.

My aim is not only to give you the best ever treatment, but also some tools and tips to help make your life more balanced and enjoyable..


Reiki (pronounced “ray key”) is a natural healing treatment, which evolved many decades ago in Japan. The word Reiki means ‘universal life energy’ in Japanese.

The treatment is performed fully clothed. I position my hands over the energy points (the chakras) and your body draws the energy where it is needed.

Reiki focuses on treating the whole person rather than specific ailments or symptoms. It is an extremely powerful therapy, outwardly subtle but inwardly very profound, as it treats deeper levels of consciousness where ill health has its roots.

This treatment helps reinforce your confidence and ability to take responsibility for yourself, so that you can recognise where changes are needed to attitude, outlook and lifestyle to improve your quality of life.

NB: Please wear loose thin clothing for this treatment.

1hrs: £65.00

Kathleen has multiple qualifications and accreditations including:

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