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Holistic Beauty, Health and Healing

A truly holistic approach to health and beauty involves assessing every aspect of the person; the mind, body and emotions. So, when you come to me for a treatment, whatever it might be, I will work to renew your balance and restore your wellbeing by looking at each of these aspects and their interdependencies with one another, evaluating their relationship at every level to ensure that I find the right balance for you.

My aim is not only to give you the best ever treatment, but also some tools and tips to help make your life more balanced and enjoyable..

Daoyin Tao

Daoyin Tao (pronounced ‘Dow yin tow’) is a powerful and unique Chinese head, neck and shoulder massage combining a harmonious synergy of adapted and softened ancient traditional Chinese massage skills blended with modern Western massage techniques.

Although only involving contact with the head, neck and shoulders Daoyin Tao’s restorative effects are felt throughout the body and create a therapeutic approach which holds vast healing potential.

1 hrs: £60.00

Kathleen has multiple qualifications and accreditations including:

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